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Idle hands make doodles. Idle minds make doodle blogs.


You'll find the combination of blogging and rolling news in our huck-a-doodle 'blog-roll' really absorbing.


Head over to the huck-a-doodle blog to see what's new and maybe a doodle or two.



Our gallery's doors are wide open and everyone is welcome.


We have compiled our best doodles from across dozens of scrapbooks, log books, paper pads and scrappy bits of paper, tidied them up and hung them here for you to see.


You might also spot the odd doodle film. If you haven't met Iggy the penguin yet then head over and say hello.

Who or what is huck? What is a huck-a-doodle? Where have all these foxes come from? When did this happen? And most importantly, why?


Don't panic! You can find out more than you will ever need to know about huck-a-doodle on our about huck page. When you are done, don't be scared to explore the rest of the site. The foxes don't bite, much...

huck-a-doodle has collaborated with national award winning school nurse Katrina Sealey to create "angry ANGRY Angus", a children's picture book designed to help children develop their emotional literacy.


Check out our books page to find out more and download fun activity sheets.



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