about huck-a-doodle



That's me there. My name is Nick Hucker but my friends call me huck, and you can too.


I'm not an illustrator or artist by trade, in fact I'm a mechanical engineer. I have however found that despite my best efforts I'm a compulsive doodler.


Like many people, or rather fellow sufferers, I often find myself doodling in the corner of my notebook, log book or even a receipt that I'm splitting. It might be a rocket or a robot, or maybe a cat or a car. Whatever it is, whether it is big or small, there is always a chance that what you put down on paper jumps off the page and bursts with character. Figuratively of course.


I'm based in the south-east of England in a city called London. There is a pretty substantial number of urban foxes walking the streets at night here. This must have been on my mind when I first doodled my fox on a post-it note at work. Even though he was only made of 7 shabby lines in blue biro on this tiny tacky yellow square, I knew how emotive he could be and that this was a chap I would draw again and again.


My fox has joined a long list of huck-a-doodles from my past that I hope to share with you in the future. I hope that through the site I can share more of my doodles with you, and through the cards in the shop perhaps you can share them with your friends and family too.


Of course whenever there are idle hands there is always a chance of a brand new huck-a-doodle, so don't forget to stay in touch.

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