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Illustrated by huck-a-doodle, angry ANGRY Angus tells the story of a young badger named Angus who sometimes feels angry. How can he tell people how he feels without losing his temper?

His family and friends show him how to listen to those around him and to talk about what he is feeling. Angus learns he can even help his friends feel less angry by listening and talking to them.

angry ANGRY Angus is a children's picture book designed to help introduce children to the language they need to discuss their feelings. Phrases like 'I think', 'I feel', 'I know' and 'I remember' will give your child the words they need to explain what is happening inside them.

The book is available to buy from many popular online retailers, including Amazon. Digital formats are also available which can be perfect for use as a teaching aid in classrooms.


If you would like more ideas for lesson plans or fun activities to help children with their emotional development then please take a look at our Teaching Resource Pack. It's totally free!

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