April Showers and May Sunshine

'Perhaps this job can wait'

As Brits we obviously love to talk about the weather. It's the ultimate ice breaker.

This time of year in particular can give us plenty to talk about. As we move from the cold of winter to the warmth of summer, we get the rollercoaster of weather fronts which leaves us unsure as to whether we will need a brolly or shades.

I imagine that wherever you have been in the UK over the last few weeks you have probably seen your fair share of variable weather. I hope this hasn't caused you anything more serious than some soggy socks or a patch of lobster red skin.

April is often a variable and unpredictable month. We have certainly seen that April showers are no myth. So congratulations on making it through. So far May is looking up, better times to come perhaps?

#fox #cartoon #aprilshowers #funny #cute #flowers #rain #may #sun #maypole #dancing

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